Future Trend-Smart Mattress Oct 16,2019

As the constantly increase of people’s demand for sleep quality, various types of mattresses which can sleep for health and more comfortable, has been put on the markets, such as double pocket spring mattresses, natural latex mattress, sleep-aid and nursing mattress.

The double mattress is the humanized design of high-end bed. Uncovering the bed board, it can be found that the whole bed is composed of two pocket spring mattresses with different spring system. According to different body weights, the pocketed springs are placed at different zones. The sleeping partner will not be affected against the other one’s movement.

Natural latex is of high elasticity, which can meet the needs of different weight groups. And its good support can adapt to various sleep postures of sleepers. The contact area of the latex mattress is much bigger than that of the ordinary mattress. It will disperse the weight of human body evenly. Since of its flexible structure, it has the function of correcting bad sleeping position. It comes from a milky substance produced by rubber tree, with the effect of sterilization and resistant to dust mites. In addition, the latex mattress has no noise and no vibration, which effectively improves the quality of sleep.

The nursing mattress adopts the new materials memory foam or latex. Due to the usage of the special polymeric materials, the mattress comes to have different firmness according to the change of temperature. The firmness will adjust to appropriate comfort level to release body pressure completely and give perfect support to body for all parts. The most advantages is the treatment of spinal and cervical diseases, which can eliminate the pain of back and and ensure smooth blood circulation.

These new mattresses have their own merits, but spring soft mattresses are still the first choice in coming decades. As the technology of spring soft mattress is quite mature, with the properties of good breathability and impact resistance, its firmness and body support are the most reasonable and comfortable. Nowadays, spring soft mattress is internationally recognized as the main mattress for the next few decades.

Overall, in the coming decades, the trend of mattress is a more user-friendly, smart spring soft mattress with multiple functions. Considering on the safety, the bed legs are replaced by soft materials to avoid of bumps and injuries; The spring technology should be more advanced than the independent spring or continuous spring to ensure durability and no disturbance; The fabric and the use of glue and lacquer meets environmental standards and avoid air pollution completely; The bigger size will turn to be mainstream, such as 1.8x2m; The automatic with additional functions, likes with massages function, temperature control function, audio-lighting inside and so on.

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