How to look for a good mattress? Aug 15,2019

Some person may have gotten stressed or experienced an emotional trauma. It is conditioned that “ I can not sleep”. If a person’s biological clock does not match the sleep time, a long period of sleep disturbance may occur. Chronic sleep disorders can last more than 3 weeks, or even longer. It is not possible to resolve the sleeping problem unless the problem is corrected first and appropriate treatment method is used.

People spend about a third of their live sleeping. While there 50% of people suffer from insomnia in their lives. For these people, insomnia has a meaning beyond being unable to sleep, leading to failure in psycho-social and occupational areas, thus greatly reducing quality of life. To have a quality and healthy sleep is necessity. So having a good mattress is especially important.

However, how to look for a good mattress?

When you buying a mattress, firmness, softness and comfort of the mattress should be decided by lying on the mattress. Then you can find out if the mattress support your waist, back, head, neck and knee areas. As the excessively stiffness will cause the formation of gaps between body and the mattress, while the soft mattresses do not support the areas where the body pressed, which causes some incarceration on blood circulation and the brain is stimulated for blood circulation. That is why you turn many times but can not pass to deep sleep.

Touch the mattress, feel the quality of the fabric on exterior and check the materials used in the mattress, how is life of the spring system and its support. In addition, a good mattress should be also protect body heat. To prevent sweating and cold, attention should be paid to technologies in the mattress or the summer-winter use characteristics.

Good support, Comfort, Eco-friendly and Breathable, let’s check if the mattress comply with, then you can define if it is a right quality mattress what you are looking for. IMMERS SLEEP are devote in production of quality mattress for people’s healthy deep sleep. 5 Zoned Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress designed based on this, which become to be hot item and obtained many good reviews . Try to search from our product list, there might some other items will workable on your markets.

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