How to start your mattress business? Nov 22,2019

How to take the first step if you are going to sell mattresses? It is really a tricky question, as initially you need to choose the mattress types from such a variety of mattresses. There are benefits and drawbacks no matter what kind of mattress chose, spring mattress or foam mattress. However there still some tips might help you to make beginning easier.

  • First of all, the key is to follow the market. That is, you might have to make an investigation before start orders. What is the general quality and price range on current market? Which type is the hot sale item and which mattress category has variety of designs for consideration.

  • While the investigation is common performance on markets. If want to win a certain market percentage, you must have some advantages, some differences from your competitors. Who finally makes the purchase behaviour? We called them consumers. This means, you should focus on human’s sleeping demand, study on sleeping environment (support, bounce, temperature, touch, movement absorbency etc.,), sleeping positions, body weight, local sleep habits, slumber health problems and so on. Based on these information, then you would design out or select a right and unique comfort mattress for your local markets.

  • With the new ideas on mattress, you need to find a factory to help you make the concept into reality. A professional manufacturer with rich experience on production and much more familiar with different markets, who can solve many blocks to your design. IMMERS SLEEP has been committing to research and production since 15 years ago, and is willing to cooperate with more friends to offer quality mattresses for people’s healthy deep sleep around the world. You might be interested to know more about us and what we we can offer.

  • Beside of above, you have to make preparation in advance. It is necessary to calculate how big of the warehouse is enough to meet, based on your selling way. The mattress is for retail, for hotel / dorm projects, for online sale, for wholesale or distribution. And you also need to contact with your forwarder to calculate the shipping cost, transport cost, import tax, and other else fees, then you would find out what is the baseline to talk with your supplier and bargain for some beneficial support.

IMMERS SLEEP is sincerely to work together with you and hope these tips would be helpful for your business. We will be very honor to become your partner to go forward in the slumber field. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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