Mattress Type Sep 11,2019

Are you going to buy a mattress for your new house? Or you are very difficult to select a wedding mattress for your new lifelong partnerships from such a variety of mattresses world. Before you gets into the particular choices, let’s have a overall understanding of the mattresses. All mattresses are divided broadly into foam mattress and spring mattress. And What’s the distinction between these two categories?

As a more traditional mattress - spring mattress, is consist of lots of metal coils and other materials. It can offer a lot of support, especially for heavier people or someone who has back ailments. Additionally, there is good temperature control and come in a wide variety of prices. There are three main types of spring mattress, including bonnell spring mattress, pocket spring mattress, and continuous coil spring mattress.

Bonnell springs are hourglass shape and tied together using spring wire, and reinforced with a strong border wire to give uniformity of reaction. Pocketed coils are individually encased in non-woven fabric or AP fabric, so they act independently. This structure gives the mattress more hugging feel to the body, no disturbance from each other. The continuous coil uses one piece of wire to configure into rows of springs, which result in motion transfer for sleep partner. While since it comes lower price, it’s still very popular on markets.

Foam mattresses generally consist of three types, Polyurethane foam, memory foam, and latex. A poly foam mattress will use different combination of regular foam, high density foam and high resiliency foam to get a best support and comfort for a reasonable price. Memory foam mattress are made of multiple layers of different densities of foam. The memory foam layer molds around the body curve and bounce back slowly, relieves pressure greatly. Unlike memory foam, latex which comes from a milky substance from rubber tree, offers superior firm but bouncy support. Its “pushes back” relieve pressure much more, also it is eco-friendly over memory foam, as its raw materials are natural and production process is clean.

Beside both of these two categories, there is a kind of combination of coils (typically use pocket coils) with a layer of memory foam or foam latex, which was conceived for those who were unsatisfied by both pure spring and dislike the sinking feeling of some foam mattresses. This hybrid mattress allow people to have amazing comfort feel on the top of mattress, while still giving enough support and pressure relieve from its foam layer.

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