IMMERS SLEEP mattresses, which are

composed of combinations of the

most advanced spring, viscose

memory, foam, latex, gel and fabric

technologies. To realize “Immerse in

comfort, sleep in peace”, our mattress

is of good support, perfect body curve

fit, skin care, and adaptive sleeping

temperature system. With its  

unique features, the mattresses

are designed to suit all kinds of

body types and provide an

exceptionally comfortable,

uninterrupted and tailor-made sleep.


[1] Pocket Spring Technology

Individually packaged and independently functioning springs provide excellent adaptation to different body types and provide accurate spinal support. IMMERS SLEEP research of human healthy sleep and ergonomic, successfully work out pocket spring with various styles 6 Sense (PRP), Cross Type, Curvilinear, 3-Zone, 5-Zone, 7-Zone etc.


Ergonomics design focuses on comfort and fatigue resistance. There two layers of connections, by the two kind of pocket spring with different wire diameters, different heights and different strengths. Curve design is more perfectly fitting body curve which gives comfortable sleeping experience.


At regular back sleeping posture, there 10%-75%-15% of body force for head part-back & hip-legs, to fit such force diversity, 1.8mm coils are used for head and leg zones, and 2.0mm coils are right for the middle.


The 5-Zone pocket spring system provides independent support for different parts of body, prevents discomfort caused by the involuntary movements during sleep. Dividing sleep system into 5 sections based on the weight different parts of body, which bring the right support to head, shoulder, back, hip and legs.



7 Zones design, divide 7 parts of head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, leg and foot, which give suitable support for every zone of human body, perfect fit to the human body curve. To be able to decentralize body weight reasonable, reduce physical stress, will not bring the oppression to the body, resulting in poor blood circulation, tossing and turning difficult to fall asleep.


[2] Visco, Latex and Foam Technologies

High density foam and visco elastic memory foam adopted in mattresses are offering a highly supportive and comfortable sleeping experience. Its open cell manufacturing technology are extra sensitive to body temperature and pressure. Moreover, higher open cell rate leads to air transmission. Moisture balance system with hydroelectricity of natural material. Quick moisture transmission, no heat accumulation.

Using green materials without any toxic controlled materials. The unique MDI technology reduces the smell residue. The product has passed ROHS EU hazardous material detection and SGS anti-mite and anti-bacterial test, safer and healthier.

Visco Memory Foam  

Gel infused Memory Foam


Unlike memory foam, latex is “pushes back” firm but bouncy support. It offers superior firmness and pressure relief. Natural latex comes from a milky substance produced by the hevea-brasilienis rubber tree. It is eco-friendly, as the raw materials are natural and the production process is extremely clean. Disperses natural milk flavor, high elasticity and natural properties of anti-mite and anti-bacterial action, quietly and healthy refreshing space while fully releasing body pressure.

[3] Fabric 

In order to make mattresses for pleasant sleep as well as skin health, IMMERS SLEEP choose fabrics carefully. Our skin like a layer balance the effect of environment, which is consists of sweat, fatty acids and amino acids. The functional significance of this overcoat is acidic. The acidity is measured with PH value. The ideal PH value for our skin’ health is 5.5, which ensures our skin remains moist and protected against the microbe.

Tencel, Viscose Ice fabric, Pure cotton, Bamboo fiber, Charcoal fabric, Teflon fabric, temperature adaptive fabric and other polyester fabrics. Our suppliers of fabrics are passed test and got certificates of Oeko-Tex 100, which is free of harmful substances and skin-care of comfort, and moisture balance.


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