How long is the warranty?

IMMERS SLEEP provides a 10-year warranty on pocket spring mattresses, 5-year on bonnell spring mattress & foam

mattresses, and 3 year on continuous spring mattresses.

What will we cover?

IMMERS SLEEP reserves the right to repair or replace products you sold on markets.

Any repair or replacement will not extend the original period of limited warranty, nor 

will it constitute the beginning of a new limited warranty period.

The full list of defects covered by warranty, please read our terms of service as below:

This warranty covers:

  • Body impressions or visible indentation or sag in the mattress surface, while no weight is applied, of greater than 3.0cm.

  • The mattress being shorter than standard in any one direction by more than 5cm when measured from tape to tape.

  • The mattress failing to inflate to its full size after a period of 60days of regular use.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Minor imperfections that do not affect the performance of the bed. These include slight variations to size and colour.

  • Odour. Some materials have a natural odour.

  • Damage caused by the incorrect opening of the mattress or failing to follow delivery and unpacking instructions.

  • Damage caused by abusive handling, misuse or failure to use the mattress with the proper foundation or base, including an adjustable bed frame, that including centre support.

  • The quality of the product due to human factors is not covered by the warranty, such as Cigarette butts, violent tools, etc. caused by human destruction should not be in warranty.

  • Sleeping on mattress will result in some body imprint, which is normal for all foam mattresses. The hybrid mattress, unlike an all foam mattress, the pocket spring, and micro springs in our mattress accommodate this by providing extra support. Mattresses have a break in period where they will conform to your body’s natural contours and weight, essentially tailoring itself to you. Up to and including 3.0cm is perfectly normal and is not covered under the warranty.

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