What do you know about CertiPUR-US® Foam? Mar 05,2020

When you buy foam products, like mattress, bedding products and upholstered furniture, you would notice a certification called CertiPUR-US®. If you found the products containing certified foam, you can be confident that the flexible polyurethane foam inside meets the standards of CertiPUR-US for content, emissions, and durability.

CertiPUR-US certified foam is:-

✓ Made without ozone depleters

As we all known, Ozone’s presence important in our upper atmosphere, since it provides a shield from the sun’s radiant energy. While there in industries around some parts of the world, ozone depleting CFCs are still used to manufacture foam. And the use of any CFCs or other ozone depleters are prohibited in the manufacturing process according to CertiPUR-US label.

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants

To meet the flammability requirements by some certain states, foam producer might use some PBDEs (polybrominated diphenylethers), but which were effectively banned by EPA in the U.S. in 2005. Also other flame retardants can not be used in certified foam. That is, the substances have been identified by GHS that may cause cancer, genetic defects or may damage fertility or unborn child.

✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

Although heavy metals are not common components for foam production, it has turn to be human’s concern. CertiPUR-US labs test the materials extracted to molecular analysis capable of detecting if heavy metal content, even there trace. You can be rest assurance that certified foams are made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

✓ Made without formaldehyde

Formaldehyde has never been used as a raw material in foam composition. But it has been taken as cause of poor indoor air quality. The CertiPUR-US certified foam verify that there is not formaldehyde in foam through a small chamber emission test.

✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Phthalates, mainly used as a softening agent in some consumer products, which were forbidden to be used in children’s toy an child care items in accordance with “The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act”. CertiPUR-US prohibit the use of phthalates regulated by the act, through the detailed lab analysis of foam.

✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

According to the ISO standard, foam samples are conditioned for 72hours and then go on the small chamber test to check the emissions of total organic compounds. CertiPUR-US foams are verified to have low emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

IMMERS SLEEP is granted permission to use the CertiPUR-US program logo/ mark/name in association with products containing certified flexible polyurethane foam. If you are interested in more information about our CertiPUR-US certified foam mattress, welcome to click link.

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